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With over 200 million citizens of the world unemployed, and about 40% of those employed in vulnerable employment positions, a change in mindset is required. This book is a potent introduction that will leave the reader rethinking their ideas and beliefs on the concept of employment.

Business Planning and Financials

Proper planning prevents poor performance. These are the five P’s of planning. with proper planning, the results of your business efforts will be pleasing.

Cash From Mind

You have been using Cash From Mind Science, Whether you know it or not. The key to deciding and having the amount of cash you want is by using this science consciously.

About Us

Gaitate Institute has 40-year-old roots, and these began with the founder’s entrepreneurial desire during his primary school days. Perhaps this is because both his parents were in business, and they sought the best life for their children.

He recalls that at age 12, he was selling sweets at school, in business, making money, making good profits.

By the time he was at high school in the North West Province, South Africa, he says

Obakeng further recalls:

“It was just natural for me when my English teacher shared in class that Accountants make a lot of money, that I sought to be an Accountant. I made applications in my final year at high school to be accepted as a Trainee as an Accountant the very next year. So in 1985, I started my first year as a trainee Accountant”

“I was in the Import Business as I would purchase books from publishers in Johannesburg, and sell these to my fellow school mates”


The reason for our existence is to guide, teach, and support our students to attain financial independence and beyond. We believe that in about three or four hundred years, Gaitate Institute will have students that have build legacies.

Our tagline; Your Financial Freedom; is a call to every citizen, to awaken the truth that is deep within their being.